We strive to be leaders in the New Era of Global trade to assist our clients in standing up to competition in any part of the world, against any player in the market.

EXAND Corporation
plays a key role in keeping our clients and their products globally competitive through the use of world-class suppliers and leading edge sales and distribution processes.

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:: Our Business ::

EXAND Corporation through our subsidiaries and business partners in Europe bridges continents to source products for buyers and develop markets for sellers. To pave the way for flow of goods between intercontinental markets, we offer a wide range of integrated trade support services. We can help you take virtually any consumer product from conception right through to marketplace.

:: Consulting Services ::

Whether you have tried other consulting companies in the past - or are about to take this step for the first time - you will find EXAND approach both refreshing and individual.
Our one-to-one personal approach to the Client's requirements is the absolute guarantee of quality, and ultimately - what you as a Client expect the most - increased bottom line!

We never work with more than two complex projects at the time. Why? Because you, our client deserves 100% focus on his unique needs and has a right to expect the Total Quality Client Management!

:: Our Products ::
Quality, reliability and total customer satisfaction are the key words describing products we offer.
Our manufacturers and suppliers are hand picked and carefully screened and tested to assure the best possible production values and quality assurance.

Please contact our Sales Depatment for specific inquiries about any products and services you encounter while browsing our website.

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